48 Hour Film Project

These are some of the 48 Hour films that Paul Giret played a crucial role in creating.

For more information about the 48 Hour Film Project go to: 48hourfilm.com/home

and I Feel Fine

Created for the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project. "and I Feel Fine" was Directed by Paul Giret who also was the Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, and provided the Sound Design. This film was shot in San Diego and turned in on time in LA.

Fur Fest

In this San Diego 48 Hour Film, Paul Giret was a one man crew. He Produced, Shot, and did all the Post Production himself and was able to turn the film in on time. He also created a series of BTS videos that are featured below.

Fur Fest
Behind the Scenes

Paul Giret also decided to create a series of Behind the Scenes videos while creating the 48 Hour Film "Fur Fest". These BTS videos were made in real time on the set of "Fur Fest" and were edited by Paul and released via social media throughout the 48 Hour  weekend.

On the Choice of
Human Sacrifice

Paul Giret teamed up with the 2AM Burrito Crew to create this San Diego 48 Film. In this project Paul Giret acted as the Cinematographer, Lead Editor, and provided the Sound Design.